Avatar on a budget challenge

Last week I decided to start doing an avatar on a budget once a week just to see what I could come up with. My budget allowance is $100L or less, aiming for the less part but still trying to make an avatar look good... at least not completely noobish. So this week, I was a bit lazy and didn't feel much like jumping around to different stores and sims to shop for my look so I browsed Marketplace for some time to come up with this look. 

Everyone knows Ruth, the good o'l original SL female avatar. People in SL have taken Ruth and turned her into a mesh and made it a free project for others to work with and learn from. I found this Ruth 3.5 by Glitter and Doom. This is a full avatar that comes with a BOM body, head, hands, feet, nails etc. She does come with some skins and a shape but they are kinda ugly and look very noobish... like old school noobish. So I wanted to fix her up a bit. I created the shape that you see in the photo and I will put it out as a freebie for anyone who wants it. Soon as I get her out I'll include the link, until then, if you want the shape, just hit me up in-world (Midntye Childs) and I'd be happy to pass it over! Anyway, back to Ruth... so she does need a little work. 

I went back to my skin from 7 Deadly Skins called Akyla. This is their stay at home gift. You do not need to be a group member to get this skin, simply go to the store and get it, its free! And its a great skin that comes with 4 different skin tones in BOM and omega appliers. Even if you arn't looking for an avatar on a budget, this is a great skin to have. It also comes with a shape for the Genus heads and a brow shaper. I am not using the shape or eyebrow shaper for this avatar.

Next is where I went on a Marketplace shopping spree where I found some makeup from FreeBees that is BOM. I got the Pretty Lipstick makeup which comes in 12 BOM colors and each one has a more opaque and then a sheer version. From the same store I found the FreeBees Pretty Eyeshadow Make-up which has 12 colors as well. Hey, can't go wrong with Free, especially when they look good! 

On my Ruth body I noticed that my eyes just didn't look right. They were popping out of my sockets oddly and these were the system eyes, so I decided to see what I could find for mesh eyes. I came across Sweet's Free Eyes Mesh and system. They were completely free, came with the eye alpha, mesh eyes in 12 colors in 3 different sizes. Another score on the freebies! 

For my hair, I found this Nella by EMO-tions, one of my favorite places to get hair from. This is a promotional hair for only $5L! It comes with hairbases in BOM and appliers, for Catwa, Lelutka and Omega. It comes with a HUD with tons of color options. 

Next is my outfit which is the N.G Outfit Bell Blue by Loryan Clothes. The outfit comes in classic and fitmesh sizes and with the alpha hud included with the Ruth body I was able to make it work with very little effort. The outfit cost me $10L. 

All in all, I think I did pretty good considering this entire avatar only cost me $15L. She isn't perfect but for someone just starting the game or on a very tight budget, she is a good start. You can see the seam where the hand connects to the arm, I left it intentionally to show it wasn't perfect, but with a little work, (maybe a long sleeve shirt) I think you got a pretty decent avatar with very little out of pocket. 

I would love to see what sort of budget avatars others could come up with. So I invite other bloggers and designers to join me in this Avatar on a budget challenge, giving yourself no more than $100L to spend to make an avatar and make it look decent. Remember the goal is to spend as little as possible. When you blog the item, if you had to join a group and pay to join the group to get an item that counts in the budget cost! Let's see what you all can do!