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Today I wanted to talk about what it is like being a blogger for SL. Many people seem to think that being a blogger is easy and just a way to get free goods. I am here to tell a different story....

First of all, on the 'getting free goods' side of things... Being a blogger for stores in SL is not about getting free goods. As a blogger we have sponsors, various stores that 'hire' us to blog their items so that it gets shown and people see the item, rather its clothing, skins, body parts, whatever it is. Think of the items we are blogging as payment for showcasing their work. Now, with that being said, often times a blogger has numerous sponsors, blogging for multiple stores and even large events. As a blogger, we do not get time to even enjoy the items we are blogging. We might wear or use that item one time to do a blog post and then we are on to something else. As a blogger, I do not even have a specific 'look' for my SL avatar. My look changes daily. 

Next, when we are creating our 'look' to blog we have to think of a lot of things. What pose will I use? What accessories, what hair, what outfit? Every little detail has to be thought out to create our perfect photo for that particular post. Often times, it means purchasing additional items. I often will purchase a hair or a pose or something that I need to finish off the look I am going for in the scene I want to blog. My blog posts typically end up costing me a lot more than the item I am blogging. So no, there are no 'freebies' here! 

And finally, deadlines! Each store that sponsors a blogger has deadlines for posting their items. Some require only 1 post a month while others require five or even more! And the more stores/events you blog for, the more deadlines you have. For me personally, I blog between two different avatars, a male and a female for variety. For me personally, between two avatars, I have 53 items per month that I need to blog. Granted, I can mix those up and put multiple sponsors into one post as long as the items all blend together and fit the scene. Now I'm not complaining, not at all, I chose this for myself. I know what I have to do to meet my deadlines and this is something I love to do. 

The work that goes into doing one single post is not as easy as snapping a photo in SL and then throwing it on a blog post with a list of what is being used. First, creating the scene and the look, then taking the perfect photo. Taking the photo involves finding the perfect windlight setting, getting the lighting just right, maybe even using a different viewer for the photo, and then comes the editing. The photo then goes into some form of editing program, rather it is photoshop, gimp, or something else for the touch-ups, the crops and getting that final picture just perfect. (Mind you this alone can take lots of time!). After you have the photo just right then you start working on your blog post. The post will showcase the photo you did, possibly review of the items explaining what everything is, what it comes with, and then linking it to the store and/or event. Some bloggers will list everything you see in the photo while others will only list items from their sponsors, but either way, its a daunting task that takes time! Especially if you are writing up a review for every item! 

After the blog post is complete, then its time to start posting that photo and blog post link to multiple platforms which includes but not limited to, facebook, twitter, Instagram, flickr, and anywhere else people might post their completed work. On each of these platforms we then have to tag people who created the items, our sponsors, the event hosts etc. On flickr we then have the task of adding that photo to groups to get it noticed and viewed by as many people as we can to really get that item displayed for our sponsors. 

Then why do it? I do it because I enjoy it. This is like having a job that you love. Not only that but I am also a designer so blogging helps me to sneak my items in a post to showcase them as well. I don't always put my items in a blog post but its nice to have this platform in which I can. There is so many amazing and talented designers out there and I love being creative and trying to come up with that perfect scene. Often I will create a pose set to go around an item I am blogging, or a photobox, or something to help create that perfect scene. 

I do not know about other bloggers and what their steps are to a completed photo. What I have outlined I am speaking on behalf of myself although I am positive that there are many other bloggers out there that would agree with what I have written. Blogging for SL is a job, a job that as a blogger we love to do. It's not always easy and it can be very time consuming. There are days that I feel the creativity has left me and it is a struggle to get a post done, there are days when no matter what I do I just can't get that photo/scene just right, but I push through it and I get it done. I love being a blogger in SL and I love all of my sponsors that have given me the opportunity to showcase their amazing work. 


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Hair - Tram J0630 hair

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