July Gems1

I finally broke down and got the Lelutka Lake head. I had all the other female heads except for this one. For some reason I wasn't as excited about this head and just overlooked it everytime I went to the store. But, now that I have it, I absolutely love it! I think this is my favorite head from Lelutka yet. I haven't really had a specific look that I called my SL look for a very long time as I am constantly changing for photos and blogs, but I think for my actual 'look' I might just stick with this one for awhile. 

I paired the new head up with a skin from Le Forme called Mei Lelutka Evo skin applier in the pale skin tone. I tried on a lot of skins and when I came across this particular one, I fell in love. The skin is BOM and its just absolutely adorable. Now I don't usually sit here and go into a lot of details for non-sponsors but since I'm talking about my new look (at least for the next couple of days haha), I figured it was worth mentioning. 

I made the shape which I will have out for sale sometime today (Monday, 7/20). I have named her Sadie. Like all my shapes, she will come with a full style card, brow shaper and of course the copy/mod version of the shape. I am actually using the Tonic Fine body 7.0 in my photo here but the shape was made using Maitreya originally. See further below for more on the Tonic body.

I posted in detail about this outfit in my previous post. This is the Mia outfit by JUSTICE. The reason I am posting it again is because in the first post I did, it was a very dark photo and hard to see all the great details of this outfit. Also, I posted the pants part of the outfit in my previous post and in this one I'm wearing the shorts just to show the variety and give a better image of detail. The Mega fatpack comes with the tank top, pants and shorts and each piece comes with a HUD filled with options; 6 metal textures, 20 strings, 20 fabrics and the tank also comes with 6 additional fun designs. This outfit is fit for Belleza, Slink, Legacy, and Maitreya (but as I mentioned earlier, I am wearing the Tonic Fine body and using the Maitreya fit clothes and it worked fine. Just be sure to always try demos especially if using a body that is different from what is listed.)

Now here is some exciting news... The 2nd round of Gems is about to start! The start date is July 22nd and there is a wonderful lineup of great designers! One thing I always struggle with is finding those perfect little extras to compliment an outfit, things like jewelry and other accessories. At Gem's event you will find so such shortage of the amazing possibilities of all kinds of jewelry and accessories! For starters, lets take a little sneak peak at a couple of the 'gems' you can find at this round of Gems!

First up is the  Nails Hence by GO. These nails come in 8 colors to choose from and they are made for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya and Legacy. What girl doesn't like to go to a nail salon and come out with long beautiful fancy nails? I know this girl does and she proudly displays them everywhere she goes! 

Next up is the Brooke Choker from AD Originals. This is a cute and simple little necklace that makes the perfect accessory to just about any outfit. It has 36 different color options for the choker part and each one can be textured differently, another 36 options for the pearl so you can literally match this to fit anything and then 11 different metal options all on an easy to use HUD. 

And finally, I do have to toot my own horn a minute. The fun bus stop that I am standing in front of is a FREE gift to my group members at Midntye Creations. My group is free to join and this makes a great and fun photo prop to use in your own backgrounds. Again did I mention it was free? Also, the pose is one of the Shopping poses with props from Midntye Creations. The set comes with 5 fun poses all with props in an easy to use pose stand that has a hide feature and has easy to use adjusting via menu. 

Let's get a better look at this Tonic v7.0 Body shall we....

 Tonic has just released the newer version of their bodies, updated now to 7.0. If you want to see all the documentation for the bodies, please view the website. One of the changes in the new bodies is the skins have been updated. (And go figure I'm not using one of the skins... something for another post!), The nipples have been improved (again for another post), The HUD has had an overhaul with easier to see on/off buttons as well as the sliders. It now allows you to apply body materials (Normal and shine) when using the HUD, the feet have been updated and look much better... check out the website (Link above) for all the information. I can only begin to touch on all the updates that were made! 

And here is a closer look at that FREE bus stop... (trash can not included, nor is the girl holding the packages)


Fine Beauty v7.0

Event starts July 22nd
GO Stilleto Nails Hence
AD Originals Brooke Choker

Bus Stop (Group Gift)
Shopping Poses w/props

Head - LeLutka Lake 2.0
Skin - Le Forme Mei Lelutka Evo skin applier Pale
Hair - tram J0524 hair / HUD-B
Ears - PUMEC Mesh ears Romance
Shoes - Demon Doll - E-Girl Stompers Black