Logo heads

This great looking couple is brought to you by LOGO!
There is such a variety of heads out there to choose from it can be downright confusing and even exhausting trying them all on and trying to get that perfect look for your avatar. I want to introduce to you the LOGO brand bento mesh heads. For starters, my girl is wearing the Willow head v1.0. I have the bundle which includes the customization hud and animation hud. The head is BOM ready, you just have to pick up the BOM activation hud from the store. My guy is wearing the Blake v1.0 head. These are both great heads and look great with a wide variety of skins. 

Speaking of skins, my guy is wearing the JAIMY skin from 7 deadly s[K]ins. This is a Group gift and right now the group is only $8L to join. I don't know how long this will last so hurry up and join the group and go grab yourself a great skin! It comes with multiple skin tone colors, it is BOM and also Omega applier. This is an all in one skin! No need to buy separate body appliers. Whenever I need a great skin at a great price 7 Deadly is my go to store. No matter what head I'm wearing I can almost always find a skin that will fit perfectly. 

My pose is part of the Beach scene and pose set by Midnyte Creations that will be at the Twe12ve event starting July 12 - 31st. My previous post I went into detail about this beach set. If you want to read about it you can see it HERE. My swimsuits are also from Midntye Creations that will be at the Twe12ve event. Her swimsuit is a one piece bathing suit with 12 texture options. His swim trunks come with a 9 texture option HUD. 


★Hers: Willow Head v1.0 Bundle
★His: Blake v1.0 Bundle

╚»7 Deadly Skins«╝
★His: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - JAIMY
GROUP Gift! Only $8L to join for limited time!

@Twe12ve Event July 12-31
★Hers: <MC> Swimsuit Style 1
★His: <MC> 2020 Men's swim trunks
★<MC> Beach Scene with Poses
@Store Location
★Hers:<MC> LW.Braelyn (med) Shape


★Hers: [PF] <Vanilla> - Elliana - LOGO Skin Applier
★[PF] <Vanilla> - MAITREYA Lara Applier 

★Hers: Carla hairstyle (basic & Deluxe)

★His: Letis Tattoo :: Honor :: MM14008 ::

★His: Kevin Naturals