Natures beauty

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I briefly talked about the improved Tonic fine body in  a previous post. Today I'd like to talk a bit more about it. This body has been around for some time but now it has been improved! The body is BOM, it is made for those that prefer a more petite/smaller breast shape. With all these new bodies popping up or add-ons to current bodies to make smaller breasted avatars I really wanted to showcase this particular one. First, its been around awhile so therefore there is a selection of clothing out there to fit this body which is a big plus when i'm searching for bodies. I want clothes I can wear with it! 

So what's new in 7.0? They have done a LOT of work on updating this body. All of the body skins have been updated (not pictured). There are 12 skin tones made by Pink Fuel which includes freckle variations and of course BOM versions. 

The nipples have been updated. I don't normally do nude type photos but I wanted to show off the nipples on the body. The nipples now work with body shine, they are high res and they have several different shapes to choose from.

The hud itself has had a make-over with easier to see on/off buttons as well as the sliders. You can now apply body materials when using the body HUD. The layers page has had a huge ravamp with new layer options and easier layer editing including linkage tot he matching section. 

And... you can now GLOW! Which is pretty cool feature if you are like a fairy or something. 

The feet have also been redone giving the toes a makeover for all foot shapes and you can choose your foot shape now rather it is flat, mid or high. 

Ok, a lot of this information I have literally just taken from the creators notes on the body. You can read the full details on the Tonic Webpage which will give you a more detailed breakdown of all the changes on the updated body. 

From my personal point of view, I think this is a beautiful body. I find most of my skins work great on the body including the LOGO body skins which is what I'm currently wearing with my LOGO Mae v1.0 head and the Naomi Skin Applier. Beauty and perfection! 

My jewelry is from Beloved Jewelry called Mirabilis Set 6 pieces. It comes with Bento ring in small and large sizes for both left and right hand, bracelet for left and right, earrings both large and small, choker, necklace with pendant, necklace short, forehead jewelry and a HUD. The hud allows for 12 options for 2 different metal parts, 33 gem colors for 2 different gem options and the ability to hide/show the gems. This is a beautiful set of jewelry which can be found at the current GEMS event that runs until August 12th. 

Fine Beauty v7.0

Mae v1.0
Naomi Skin Applier
Enhanced Ombre glosses

until Aug 12th
Beloved Jewelry - Mirabilis Set

Magika - Sunrise hair

Background/scenery/pose - Something I'm working on ;)