Under 100 - Free finds

I don't do this very often, but I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to see what kind of avatar I could put together for under $100L. I think I might dedicate my Tuesday blogs to free finds! This was kind of fun to put together. 

I wanted to see if I could do a complete avatar for under $100L, that means body, head, skin, hair and clothes. So here is what I came up with...

For my head I am using Dream - Ciara Bento head which is displayed at Free Dove. Now the head is cute and easy to adjust, it is BOM ready but the only thing I don't like about it, it has no eyelashes and no teeth! When you use the smile from the animation hud that is included you see this toothless person that reminds me of someone who just removed their dentures. I think she will be keeping her mouth closed. But other than those two flaws, its a great head. It is completely BOM, there is no hud for makeup or skin or anything like that. 

For my body I picked up the eBody Classic free version. This is a full mesh body that is exactly like the full version with some exceptions. The HUD is more or less un-usable as most of the features are reserved for the full paying version, that includes the alphas. However, with that being said, this body is BOM capable which opens up a large variety of possibilities. You can use the bom alphas to hide parts of the body that come with a lot of clothing. You can wear your favorite bom skin. So if you are just starting out, can't afford one of the higher costing bodies, then this free version is a great way to start!

Moving on to the skin... This is the Akyla skin from 7 deadly Skins. It is part of the Stay at Home free gifts. This skin is absolutely free, no groups to join, comes in BOM in several different skin tones. I am wearing the pineapple tone. Rather you are using a free head/body or one of the more expensive ones, this skin will look great! 

Next up, my cute pigtail hair by Exile called Britney split colors edition. This is also part of the Stay at Home free gifts. The hair comes with a HUD with several split color options and also the ability to style it with the pigtails in front, back or over one side either left or right. It also has the ability to turn off the bangs in the front for a more pulled back look. What an amazing freebie find! 

My dress is called Dress Flowers 17 which I found on Marketplace. Now this was not free, but it was only $50L which was in my budget of keeping it under $100. The dress is made by Avrora Design

My pose is part of a set of 7 that is a gift from lovelysweet called SweetHoney Pose set. I paid $1L for these poses on Marketplace. 

Even my new house was free thanks to Trompe Loeil! This is their free Stay at home gift, Romy Bay cottage and Romy Cove chair. Its a perfect little cottage for putting near a lake or ocean. And did I mention it was completely free? 

All in all I think I did pretty good for my free finds Tuesday and keeping it under $100L! My total out of pocket cost for all of this... $51L. I didn't have to pay for any groups to get the gifts, any groups I did join (Free Dove) was free to join. Hope this helps some of you just starting out or on a very limited SL budget. Until next Tuesday... happy freebie shopping!