Vampire comic

I was feeling a bit silly today when I created this. I had a lot of photos I took at different angles to try to show everything I wanted to show and it turned into so many that I created this silly comic strip. It is a little corny but it was fun! 

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I am going to post each photo individually as well so you can see a better close up of each one as I describe what was used to create this scene. 

She is wearing the LOGO Josie Head v1.0 bundle. The bundle pack comes with the customization and animation HUD giving you the ability to change skin tones, add makeup, hairbases, eye colors and more. The animation hud allows your face to be animated. 

Her outfit is by Justice called Mia Outfit - Mega Fatpack. The fat pack comes with tank top, shorts and pants in sizes for Belleza, Slink, Legacy, and Maitreya. Both come with HUD that includes 6 metal textures, 20 strings, and 20 fabrics. The Tank also comes with 6 additional fun designs.

He is using the LOGO Blake v1.0 bundle head and the LOGO Blake vampire teeth add-on. Again, the bundle includes the customization hud and animation Hud. If you purchase the vampire teeth add-on it comes with 2 additional animations so you can snarl and show off those pearly whites. It has 2 variations of teeth styles to choose from.

My skin for him is by Meow Meow called Skin - BOM Cain head & Body Supernatural. As it states, this is a head and body skin combo. Now the skin was made originally for LeL evo heads but I thought I'd step outside the box a bit and see how it looked on my LOGO head, and I have to say, not bad at all! This skin is at the Darkness Event and is 10% off its original price during the event. If you are a group member (costs $200L to join the group) you can get this at 50% off! The skin does include some extras like eyeliner, eyeshadow, a shape for LeL Evo (not shown), and the skins bodies are for Signature, Adam, Belleza, and Legacy. Let's get a closer look at this skin shall we? 
Ahhhh so scary!

He is wearing the Brian shirt from JUSTICE. This shirt is pretty cool with the open zipped up section in the front. The fatpack comes with a HUD with 6 metal options and 20 fabric texture options. It is made for sizes Geralt, Gianni, Jake and Slink. 

His pants are from A&D Clothing called Joel pants. These are made for sizes Adam, Davide, Evolve, Geralt, Gianni, Jake, Legacy, and Slink. They are available in 8 individual colors and then the fat pack includes 10 exclusive additional colors. It has 18 belt colors, 6 belt buckle colors, 9 button colors and the option to hide/show the belt. In addition there are 3 levels for the pant legs. 


Blake Head v1.0 bundle (His)
Blake Vampire teeth Add-on (His)
Josie Head v1.0 Bundle (Hers)

Cain Head & Body BOM Supernatural Skin (His)

Brian Shirt fatpack (His)
Mia outfit Mega fatpack (Hers)

Pants Joel Fatpack (His)

Other Credits

Dura - Game4 Fat Pack1 (His Hair)
Magika - Hair - Faye (Hers)

Poses created by my husband for this scene
(I may put them out for sale or gift soon)