What SL is for me

My Ramblings for the day....

Everyone comes to SL for different reasons. For some its a job while others its something to kill time and for many its an escape from the everyday realities that we face. Everyone has their reasons and its different for each individual person.

For me, SL is an escape from reality. It is a place I can go and immerse myself in places that for the time I am here I can forget about the harsh realities of real life. In SL there is no corona virus, if you are shot in SL you simply continue to exist unlike the real world. In SL, I can be anyone or anything I want to be. I can be a rabbit or a chicken or a dog, I can be black, pink, purple, white, I can be thick or thin, I can have long straight blonde hair or red curly hair or a mohawk! 

Also SL is a place where I can be creative, I can build my dream house, my dream world! I have learned so much since I first started in SL in 2006. I have learned how to use different external programs to different things and everyday I am still learning something new. Its a place where I can truly express my artistic talent and showcase it all around me. 

When I come to SL I do not want to know about how many cases of Corona are spreading across the world. I do not want to hear about the shooting that happened just down the street from me killing a child, I do not want to be part of that real life, I want to escape and slip into a world where everything is perfect around me. So the reason I am writing this and explaining what SL is to me is because I see a lot of the real world slipping into SL, and that is not something I want to be a part of. Its easy to simply teleport away and dip my toes in the sand on a beach somewhere, or strap on some skies and ski down a mountain. But you will not see me putting on a face mask in SL. You will not see me putting out signs on who I want to vote for president in this year's election. You will not see me holding up protest signs or anything else that pertains negatively to the real world. It's not that I don't believe in what the protests are for, or that I refuse to wear a mask in real life because I wear mine anywhere I go, its simply, I do not want that to be part of the world that I am escaping to. And that should be perfectly ok! 

Everyone has their reasons for coming to SL and there is a place for everyone in SL, rather you are into the club scene, swingers, into BDSM, roleplayers, or you simply want to sit in front of a beach and watch the water and listen to the sounds or chill to some music, its ok! People should not judge others for what they choose to do in SL. (Ok, there are some things that are not okay but those things are against TOS anyway so they shouldn't be done at all!) 

I am not saying that real life doesn't play a big role in SL because it does everyday when you meet someone new, you know that is a person behind the avatar, a real person with real feelings and emotions. I have heard many stories of people meeting each other in the real world, people getting married to someone they met in SL, or helping each other out in some way or another. I personally have helped someone out in SL, my SL partner who no longer comes on SL or very rarely because I gave him the gift of life so he is out living that life in the real world and I couldn't be happier for him! He needed a kidney and I gave him mine. We still talk over the phone, through text messages and I have visited him numerous times. He is now a part of my real life and will be forever. 

In summery, to my sponsors, forgive me if I do not blog your cute face masks, forgive me if I don't wear and blog your BLM shirts, forgive me if I do not display your signs for the presidential elections or anything else that takes me out of my lovely little fantasy life and throws me into the big bad real world. I know these things exist. I am living with it every day in the real world. I am happy to continue blogging everything else. 

Onto the Credits! 


╚»Swank Event«╝
-Until July 28th
Luminesse Ceydon Kalita Set OP
Necklace and earrings
HH - Ladies Mesh Island Beach Wrap Dress Aloha Batik
sizes: eBody, Maitreya, Belleza, Tonic, Slink, Ocacin, classic

 v1.0 Bento mesh head
LOGO Female customization HUD v3.1

Stiletto Nails - Classic Colors - Set 3
3 sets, 17 colors; Mix & Match; for Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya & Slink bodies

 shape for LOGO Nila / Freya

—÷[(`Other Credits´)]—÷

Body - Belleza Freya
Hair - EMO-tions *HAIRBASE 2.0 + HP G*
Bird -SEmotion - Libellune Tropical Aratinga Animesh #11
Drink - :::NOIR+MIDNA::: Tropical Gacha - 05
Location: Baja Isles