BFF's forever
Taking on New York City like a Boss

Ok, so I didn't really go anywhere in SL for this photo, the background is actually a RL photo of New York that I took when I visited there last year and used as a background for the photo. Its kind of fun bringing in some of the real life photos from places I've been into Second Life. Me and Aaron had fun posing for this picture. We used a pose from Misty Visions called Girlfriends 5 which can only be found on Marketplace. 

I'm going to start with Aaron (the one on the right). He is wearing the EVEboy V9.1 body with the EVE'Olution Alex mesh head BOM. Both the head and body are BOM compatible. His skin is one of the skins that came with the head/body. His jeans and jewelry were part of the body full box package. It comes with some shoes, jeans, shirt, applier clothes, and a few other goodies as well. 

The shirt he is wearing we found at TwoSided called Sleeveless Hoodie Jerry. This is actually sized for Maitreya with the V-Tech add on. As you can see, we got a pretty nice fit from it. The shirt comes with a HUD that has lots of color options and you can change both the shirt and the hood different colors. 

Aaron's ears are from L'Etre called Dilator mesh ears and his eyes are the Real eyes #69 also from l'Etre. And to finish off his look, he got the Stephan hair in black & whites from Sintiklia. The hairbase comes with the hair. 

Now for my look, I went with the GA.EG Lily 2.2 Bento mesh head. This head is BOM compatible. I am wearing the Elena skins in ST2 tone Bom layer along with the Divine body skins regular on my Maitreya Lara body. I often times forget how pretty the Lily head is until I put it on again and I'm like Damn... she's cute! My shape is Layla shape by Midnyte Creations made for the Lily head. 

My nails are by WitchCraft called Eter Bento Stiletto Nails made for Legacy, Slink, and Belleza and comes with a HUD with 6 color options. These nails can be found at the new round of Gems that just opened up today, Aug. 22nd! 

My hair is by DOUX called Lizy hairstyle. I have both the basic and Deluxe hud. The deluxe gives me a few additional styling options. My ears are by Pumec from a gacha, these are the #19 Mesh Ears. And my shirt is the Laine Off shoulder Top by Blueberry



EVE'Olution Alex Mesh Head
EVEboy V9.1 Body

L'Etre - Dilator Mesh ears
L'Etre - Real Eyes #69

Sintiklia - Hair Stephan - Black&whites

TwoSided - Sleeveless Hoodie Jerry


GA.EG - Lily 2.2 Bento Mesh head
GA.EG - Head Skins Elena ST2 BOM
GA.EG - Divine Body Skins - Regular

Maitreya - Lara Body 5.2

GEMS by Unik Event - Aug 22nd
WitchCraft - Eter Bento Stiletto Nails

DOUX - Lizy Hairstyle

Blueberry - Laine - Off shoulder Top

Pumec - #19 Mesh Ears

Midnyte Creations - Layla Shape for GAEG Lily

Misty Visions - Girlfriends 5 Pose