I decided to go exploring a bit and came across this place called alpha tribe. The sim is set up in 3 layers, the ground layer, and 2 sky layers and each one is unique in its design. It kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton style. It is defiantly a place worth visiting just to look around. They are doing some work on the ground level though you can still visit it and see what is being done. I can't wait for them to finish to see what all has been done! I used the sim's windlight setting on ultra so I could really get the feel that they were going for. The sky is nice and glowy and its just really cool. 

Today I am wearing my Tonic Fine v7.0 body along with the Tonic Fine Beauty Bust Minimizer v7.0. The minimizer gives you a petite chest that you couldn't otherwise do with just the body alone. I found this dress and cardigan at The Warehouse Sale event by Eliavah called Eden Dress and Eden Cardi. They are made for the Maitreya petite but as you can see, I was able to wear it on my Tonic body with minimizer just fine. The dress and cardi are sold separately and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. 

My jewelry I found at Gems event that started Aug. 22nd. Its my one stop shop for all my jewelry and accessory needs! Gems is an event made just for jewelry and accessories and has numerous awesome designers displayed there. My earrings are by sixx called Crescent earrings. They are available in 5 metal colors or you can get the fat pack with all colors. My necklace is the Pearl Necklace by Euphorie. It has 5 metal options and 8 pearl color options and is re-sizable.  


Opened Aug. 22nd
sixx - Crescent Earrings
Euphorie - Pearl Necklace

★Tonic Fine Beauty 7.0
★Tonic Fine Beauty Bust Minimizer 7.0

Fleur 2.0 head

Eve Lelutka Evo Skin applier Summer

barberyumyum*P13(Fat) hair
Eliavah - Eden Dress Midnight cloud
Eliavah - Eden Cardi black polka

Savannah Shape for LeL Fleur

Location - alpha tribe