Itty bitty 1

Welcome to the Itty Bitty Titty Committee!
Finally an event for those who like to have smaller breast
A one stop shop to get all your fashions, body parts and accessories in one place.

The Itty Bitty Titty Committee event starts on August 7th and will run until the 21st with a great line-up of designers.

For starters, let me introduce to you the Maitreya Lara Add-on Petite v1.0. This is worn with your normal Maitreya body and replaces the chest to shrink down your breast to be petite, because not everyone likes them huge knockers! It works with the HUD just like your Maitreya body hud with the ability to use alphas etc.

With your new smaller petite breasts you are going to need some cute new clothes to wear like this End of Summer Fling dress by KARA. This dress is made to fit Maitreya/Petite and Legacy Perky. The fat pack HUD has options to change the straps, top, skirt, and trim with colors and patterns.

Of course with your new petite breasts you will want a skin that isn't made for those giant knockers! GA.EG has the Divine Body Skins - small breast made just for smaller breasts without the extra shading that comes with those bigger ones. I am wearing my Morgan 2.2 bento mesh head, the Morgan shape BABE and the Ultimate eyes 2.0 / EY21A - Promise A eyes.

•°o.O CREDITS O.o°•

August 7 - 21
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara Add-on Petite V1.0
KARA - End of Summer Fling Dress

Morgan 2.2 Bento mesh head
Morgan Shape - Babe
Divine Body Skins - small breast
Ultimate eyes 2.0 / EY21A - Promise A



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