Playtime on the beach


Don't you just love it when you get something new and it suddenly inspires the creativity to make something new? I made a new pose set based around this bikini set by Vanilla Bae. The bikini, Giselle Bikini Set comes in both adult and PG versions. The Adult version has a strip menu that allows the user to touch the bikini and slowly remove it. Today, Saturday Aug 15th, 2020 this lovely bikini set is only $75L for the Saturday Sales. And, if you want an even better deal, the fat pack is on sale for $300L which gives you all 15 pattern options which you can mix and match! The bikini is made for Freya, hourglass, Legacy and Maitreya. 

So I thought it would be fun to create a pose set that goes with this new bikini, so I made 4 new couples poses that I call Strip her pose set and the four poses go with the 4 stages of stripping on the bikini before it is completely removed. I have made this set of poses available for only $50L for Saturday Aug 15th and Sunday Aug 16th only!

Aaron is wearing the Liam head v1.0 by LOGO and I am wearing the Josie head v1.0 by LOGO. As you can see, with the bundle purchase you get an animations hud that can be kind of fun in creating facial expressions to go with your poses. Aaron is sure looking pretty happy in that photo! 


Heads - LOGO
His: Liam head V1.0
Hers: Josie Head v1.0

His: Signature Gianni v5.0
Hers: Maitreya Lara v5.2

His: Part of the bundle pack for the head
Hers: Lara Hurley- Bia Rose Pale

His: Vango - Oscar Ombre
Hers: DOUX - Maddie (basic/deluxe)

His: Justice - Jason Shorts - Baltic Sea
Hers: Vanilla Bae - Giselle Bikini set fat pack

Midntye Creations - Strip her pose set