I figured it was about time I showed off some of my own work for a change. So today I bring you the Orc Avatar which is currently at the Darkness Event that will run until Sept. 28th. The avatar comes with skin for Maitreya / Belleza / Legacy (bom only), in small breast, normal breast and with cleavage and includes a brow and no brow version. I have included a lot of extras such as a shape for Genus Classic, LeL Fluer and Catwa Catya, face piercings that are pre-fitted to the included shapes and they are modify if using another shape, 2 additional brow options, 2 lip make-up options, 2 eye make-up options, freckles option, mono lid option, body paint, 3 pubic hair options, tusks, pierced ears and brow shapes for each of the included body shapes. 

Also at the Darkness event I have the Orc Outfit which is a fur body wrap and boots with a HUD giving 8 fur options for each in sizes for Maitreya, Alice, eBody curvy, Slink H/P, Belleza (all) and Altamura. 

And then there are the Orc eyes which come with 8 eye options in BOM, Catwa applier and omega applier. 

Moving over to the 101 event that starts Sept 19th and runs until Oct. 13th you will find my Cabin in the Woods Photo box. This comes in 2 versions, one includes rain, the other does not. 

Also from the 101 event you can find the Bone Necklace I am wearing from Pawesome! I saw this necklace and it was perfect for this avatar look! The necklace is fitted for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Legacy, Maitreya, Physique, and Venus and comes with a HUD that has 9 metal options. 


Sept 5th - 28th
Midnyte Creations - Orc Avatar | Orc Outfit | Orc Eyes | Orc Nails

Sept 19th - Oct 13th
*Midnyte Creations - Cabin in the Wood photo box
*Pawesome - Bone Necklace

Hair Izzy

Catya head v4.5

Lara body v5.2