I was just skating along the sideway when out of nowhere this pole appeared! Where did it come from? It was never there before! That hurt! Ouch! Look at my knee! I'm pretty sure that's going to need stiches! 

The Damaged Knees are from VAIN which can be found at the upcoming round of 2Much Event that starts on Sept. 28th and runs until Oct 16th. Their are 5 options to choose from or the fatpack. They come in Omega and BOM. I am using the V5 option in bom. 

Also at the 2MUCH event you can find this Giulia skin for Genus by WoW Skins. This is a full body skin that comes omega and BOM. The set comes with cleavage and brow options and body appliers for Maitreya and Legacy and also BOM. It also includes a freckles bom option (not worn). I am using the pearl skin tone. I am also wearing the Giulia lipstick appliers for Genus which has 9 lipstick options, the Giulia eyeshadows BOM Genus which has 6 options, and the Giulia eyebrows BOM Genus which has 8 options. 

My body is the Tonic fine beauty v7.0 body. Tonic is also at the eBento event until Sept. 31st with this Night and Day bundle outfit. It includes the skirt, and a bodysuit. The skirt comes in 2 versions, one is a tighter fit and one is a bit looser. It also includes a HUD with lots of color options for both the bodysuit and the skirt. 


Sept 28th - Oct. 16th
*WoW skins - Giulia skin Genus - pearl
WoW Skins - Giulia Lipstick applier GENUS
WoW Skins - Giulia Eyeshadows BOM Genus
WoW Skins - Giulia Eyebrows BOM Genus
*VAIN - Damaged Knees

Fine Beauty v7.0
Night & Day Bundle @ eBento Event until Sept. 31st

Genus Head - Baby Face W001

Hairbase 2.0 + HP G

Rollerblades (barbie)

Caitlin shape for Genus

*La La Land* B (Poses)