Gluttony - Buckcherry

I get it started and then I get brokenhearted
Because I can’t get a hold of the beast
It’s like I’m blind, I’m running out of time
Everything I crave is out of reach

You say I drink too much
You say I fuck too much
So what the hell am I supposed to do
I wanna die and kill my dirty mind,

I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it
I need it, I need it, I need it, I need it
I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it
Gluttony on me has started.

The Men & Woman's Jail event ends today, Sept. 30th so you still have time to hurry over and check out all the awesome exclusive goodies before they shut down. Like this Seven tattoo from TF. It is a scratches of the seven sins and comes as Omega, Legacy and BOM with over 25 different layers and combinations and 3 skin tones for each.

Also at the Men & Woman's Jail event you can find this set of animated & breathing poses by OMY called Alex

My head and body are from Adam. The head is the Paul head and I'm using the Adam mesh body with the large chest option. My skin is from 7 deadly skins called Splinter and the beard is the Maedoc Beard v2 from FDD Stories


Until Sept. 30th
*TF: Seven
*OMY Alex Fatpack

*Adam mesh Head2- Paul
*Adam Mesh Body v2.1


Maedoc Beard v2