Today's look is brought to you by GA.EG and JUSTICE. 

My head is the Rick 2.2 Bento Mesh head by GA.EG. I am also wearing the Handsome Body skins in tone NST4. The head is BOM capable and the skin comes as appliers and BOM. I am using the Signature Gianni body. 

My outfit is from JUSTICE. The shirt is the Ryan shirt which is an exclusive at the Men only monthly event. The shirt comes in sizes for Gianni, Geralt, Jake, Legacy, Slink and Aesthetic. The Fat pack hud includes 20 trim, 20 arm, 20 fabric, 5 plaid, 5 stripes and 5 star texture options. My pants are the Ryan pants which can be found at the Justice store. 


Rick 2.2 Bento Mesh Head
Handsome body skin - NST4

Gianni - Mesh Body - v5.0

Ryan Shirt - Fat pack
*Ryan Pants - Fatpack

Kevin - Naturals

Florence at Low Tide

Tuty's Power male still posing