budget friendly avatar


Times are tough on the budget, with the RL struggle of paying rent or mortgage, putting food on the table with the battle of Covid, the elections and everything else going on in the world. It can be difficult to put aside extra money for entertainment purposes like SL, especially for someone just starting out. 

Still, despite the budget, you want a good looking avatar, the mesh body, the bento mesh head, the works. That is why today I would like to introduce to you the Anya avatar by Kalhene. This is a full mesh look including a mesh body that includes 4 chest options, implant, regular, small and flat chest. It also includes a bento mesh head, both body and head are BOM and skins, eyes, and shapes are also included for less than the price than you would pay for some other bodies or heads alone. This set is only $1695. Join the group and you can find several great outfits including the outfit I'm wearing now free for group members. The body works with a lot of other clothes that fit for like Maitreya. You may need to use the alpha hud to hide parts but I haven't really had much problems. Check it out in-world or on Marketplace and try the demo to see for yourself! 

My hair is by yumyum, L15 fatpack.