Hey you... where are you?


The Itty Bitty Titty Committee event runs until Oct 23rd, so you still have time to head over there. The event is catered to those that prefer the smaller chest addons like Tonic Minimizer, Maitreya petite and flat and Legacy perky petite. Designers have come together to add on these smaller sizes to already created items or something completely new! 

I am wearing the Clarisse set v1.2 by Dolly Daydream with my Tonic Fine body. The outfit is made for sizes Maitreya and petite, Tonic fine and minimizer, Tweenster boy/girl, and V-tech. It comes with the overalls and an undershirt. The included HUD includes 12 shirt options and 5 overall options. In addition, there is a halloween bonus hud that includes 3 shirt and 3 overall options. My body is the Tonic Fine 7.1 body which is a lovely petite body.

My head is from EVE'Olution called Mina. This is a bento BOM mesh head. The skin I am wearing is the included skin when you purchase the head which can be used via the hud or in BOM layers. When you are looking for a unique look with high quality, check out the EVE'Olution line. They have lots of different heads and bodies to choose from! 


Mina Mesh Head BOM

Until Oct 23rd
*Dolly Daydream - Clarisse Set v1.2

Tonic Fine 7.1 body

Lisa hair