This Zombie avatar is so Freeking cool! It is made by Absolute Creations. The head and body are sold separately. The avatar is Bento, comes with 2 skin options, the body includes an AO and alpha hud, also includes pants and a shirt. The head is also bento, comes with 2 skins and is designed to work with the zombie body. If using another body, please try the demo first! If you are looking for something creepy, super detailed and just totally awesome, check out this zombie avatar! 

I was so inspired by this awesome avatar that I created a graveyard photobox with 10 zombie poses included. The pose box comes with and without poses, it is copy/mod and the poses were made to work perfectly with this avatar. The poses will work with other bento avatars as well and it uses the AV sitter system so you can adjust the poses to fit your avatar. For a limited time, I have made this photobox and pose set 50% off to group members in-world only. 


Zombie Head #A inside - Marketplace
Zombie Body Inside - Marketplace

Graveyard & Zombie Pose scene - Marketplace