After being away for a couple of weeks to deal with some real life health issues, I am back! It is actually a bit more difficult to just jump right back into things than I thought it would be. So I'm going to be a bit slow going for a bit until my routine settles back into place.

First off, the Itty Bitty Titty Committee is in full swing until the 23rd. This is a great event if you like to use the avatars with smaller chest sizes like this Tonic Fine Beauty v7.1 with the add on Fine Beauty Bust Minimizer v7.1 which makes your chest much smaller than the default avatar will allow without distorting your chest to look like a weird flat pancake. The minimizer gives you that smaller chest look while keeping the breast looking natural. Tonic is at the event and you can find the minimizer chest there or at the Tonic store. 

Also at the IBTC event you can find this lovely fantasy outfit called Merith in aqua by Faida. The outfit comes in sizes for Legacy/perky, Maitreya regular/petite/flat, Slink HG/petite and Tonic Fine/Mini. This is a one piece full outfit with wraps around the legs and arms. It's well made with good textures and I love it for my fantasy scenes. 

Next is my lovely head by GA.EG. This is the newest of the GA.EG collection called Ava 2.2 Bento Mesh head. The head is Bom ready and does come with several head skins that you can either use from the hud applier or in Bom. I am using the ST3 Freckles skin. The body skins are sold separately. There are several options for body skins, normal, cleavage and now ones for small breast which is what I am using, the Diving Body Skin - Sbreast - ST3 in Bom. Additionally I am using the new Mesh heads add-on - EL03 Ava eyeliners which also come in bom or can be added to your smart hud and used as an applier.  


Ava 2.2 Bento Mesh head
Divine Body Skin - SBreast - ST3
Mesh heads addon - EL03 Ava Eyeliners
Ultimate Eyes

Nov 9 - 23rd

Fine Beauty v7.1
Fine Beauty Bust Minimizer v7.1

Merith aqua

barberyumyum L14

Shape is my own
Poses are my own
Photos taken at Midnyte Creations