Today's look is brought to you by ADAM, GA.EG and A&D Clothing

Adam mesh head - beta1-v1.4+bento
Adam v2.1 Body large chest

Head Skins - Evan
Handsome Body Skins
Ultimate Ears - Manly
Evan Bento Facial AO

Shirt & Vest Salvatore Fatpack
8 predefined looks, 18 vest/shirt/cuff options
10 button options / wear tucked or untucked
Sizes for: Adam, Davide, Evolve, Geralt, Gianni, Jake, Legacy, Slink

Sem Combo Black (Hairbase, beard, brows)

B95 - Fat pack1 Hair

Sunrise Eyes - Blue Deep

Stool Poses Male

Same photo, less edits to show clearer image of actual products.