Playing with effects


I was having fun getting a little artistic with this one, trying out a few different effects. But of course, I have included a photo to show the actual avatar without all the extra flashy effects. Sometimes it's fun to just play around and see what kind of art I can create using photos from Second Life. 

For my look, I went with the Kalhene Analexa Mesh body and head BOM v4.0. This is a rather fun body to play with, and it also fits a lot of Maitreya sized clothes. The body actually comes with the option to have either a penis or vagina depending on your preference. It also comes with multiple breast sizes including flat chest, perky, normal and bimbo sized breast. There are so many options with this body. It does include several skins and eyes that you can use as well and some starter clothes to get you going. My jeans are also from Kalhene called Skinny Jeans pack 1. They come as normal jeans or with a bulge.

I went with a skin from WoW skins called Pearl Zuri skin Bom, Genus omega applier. This is a full body skin that was created for Genus but as you can see it looks great on my Kalhene Analexa head and body. 

My pose is from Midnyte Creations. These are part of the new Hand poses 2 which is a set of 15 poses specializing in hand gestures, great for showing off nails and rings or just for being silly like I am doing. 

A photo with not so much artistic effects.

Just another fun artistic photo


Analexa Mesh Body & Head v4.0
Skinny Jeans Pack 1

Tattoo Fallen Colored

CatEyes Makeup
Queen of D. BlackGray Pack

Minor Cuts Bom Unisex

Roy Hairbase Black

Anto hairstyle

Zara T-shirt - Black
Simple Septum

Mesh Ears - Last Hero

Pearl Zuri skin Bom

Hand Poses 2

*I am using facial expressions from GA.EG*