sexy in red


Red really seems to be my go to color this year. There is just something about it that stands out to me. It can be so many things, from evil to romantic. Red has a range of symbolic meanings, from life, to anger, love and fervor. Its easy to see why the color red is so popular. I believe that Red is going to be my color this year. 

My spicy little lingerie outfit is from MAAI called Adara lingerie. This will be at the upcoming Itty Bitty Titty Committee Event that starts Jan 9th and will run until Jan 23rd. The outfit is made for Maitreya Lara / petite, Legacy / Perky, Kupra. The included hud allows for 16 main lingerie options, 9 lace/straps/ribbon and stockings options. The lace, straps and ribbon also have a hide/show feature. I am wearing this outfit on my Legacy Perky body. 

For my avatar look, I am using my GA.EG Jennifer 2.2 bento mesh head. I know I have said it before, but it still stands true, this is my favorite head from this store. Jennifer just has an exotic look about her that stands out to me. She is sexy and my husband loves it when I am wearing this head. Along with the head, I am using the LP19 Red spirit lipsticks and the ES05 smoky eyeshadows. My choker is also from GA.EG called Jewels - Glittering Diamonds choker which is currently at the Kinky Event. It sparkles and glitters and its just very pretty. 


Jan 9 - 23rd
@IBTC Event
Adara lingerie

Jennifer 2.2 Bento Mesh Head
LP19 - Red Spirit Lipsticks
ES05 - Smoky Eyeshadow
Jewels - Glittering Diamonds Choker @ Kinky Event

Kiara hairstyle

Meshbody perky Edition 1.3.3

Minimal - Adult - Silver (bed)

Ottoman/lounge poses (pose 14)