Used Car Salesman

 I call this one the Used Car Salesman because his look just makes me think of the guy that sold me my latest car. 

A little more artistic fun. I've been playing around with some effects in photoshop and just enjoying the artistic nature of having fun with photos. I mean, what's the point if you can't express yourself with some art? Of course I will always include photos without all the flashy effects to allow my readers to see the products I'm blogging but I have decided this year, I'm also going to start being a bit more creative with art, which adds a bit more of me into my work. 

Today's look is brought to you by LOGO and A&D Clothing


Jace Head v1.0.1 Bundle

Darren 4 Logo Jace Shape
Hunk Poses @ Posevent

Dylan Glasses @ Men Only Monthly Event

Full Goatee - Grooming Series - Night

Suit - Kent Fatpack
Adam, Davide, Evolve, Geralt, Gianni, Jake, Legacy, Slink
12 predefined Looks, 18 colors blazer/vest/pants
14 colors tie/handkerchief
11 colors shirt, 6 colors buttons
4 pants lengths

B-103 fat pack

Gianni mesh body v5.0