2Much Event | JUSTICE

Location: Cravone City

I've been going out and actually exploring some of the fascinating places in SL lately and came across this city called Cravone City, another great set up for exploring and photo opportunities! 


Feb 28th - March 16th
nym tattoo (body edition) Gatcha
Showing pt11 & pt13

March 1st - 27th
Sophia Outfit - Mega fatpack
Top, Skirt, Belt
Sizes: Freya, Slink HG/P, Lara, Legacy
Top Hud: 10 metals, 20 straps, 20 fabric, 10 camo, 10 florals, 10 fun
Skirt: 10 metals, 20 panty hide/show, 20 belt, 10 skirts, 15 denim

Carol - Genus x Bom (Group Gift!)
Wearing March Tone

Genus head - Baby Face W001

Lara v5.3
Lara Add-on petite v10

Tegan hairstyle
(Basic and deluxe packs)

227-4 Genus Baby Shape

A girl can dream....