Hands on Mommy Post 1

 Hands On Mommy

Today we are taking a look at another pregnancy system called Hands on Mommy. This system is not a body but instead a HUD system that works with your current body. You can use any of the bodies out there or even the standard SL body and all the clothes you would wear with that body! The Hands on Mommy Hud does all the work for you including increasing your stomach size based on where you are at in your pregnancy. 

Something else I want to note about this system, this is a one time purchase and you can have as many pregnancies as you want using this HUD system. No need to purchase it every time you want to get pregnant. You buy it one time and you are on your way to starting your family no matter how many babies you want to have. 

This is what your hud looks like when you open it up to get started. You can sync it to Mama Allpa if you use that system as well. Since I do not use the Mama Allpa I am going to just be using this hud as my stand-alone for this pregnancy. The first thing I did was click on change Timeline. This is where you will set the term of your pregnancy. You can choose any length of time you want. For me, I decided to go with nine weeks so I can do a post a week regarding this system and what has happened during that week. 

If you look at the HUD on the bottom right you will notice where you can turn on/off various options such as Belly grows with baby, belly moves with baby, breast grows with baby and Active Roleplay. 

I have turned all of my options on. When you activate active roleplay it allows you to use the interactions on the second page of your hud. 

With active roleplay activated, you are given task every thirty minutes that you need to complete. You can see on the HUD on the left a meter that says sick, weak, Good and radiant. Doing your task helps keep this meter up. Failure to do your tasks and you can get sick. If you get sick you need medicine to get better which is something you can purchase on MP from the Hands on Mommy store. The tasks you receive are relevant to what stage you are in on your pregnancy. Since I am just in my first stage, my tasks are going to be related to my first trimester of pregnancy. 

Let's take a look at what a task might look like...

Looks like its time for me to take my daily vitamins! 

The hud gave me my vitamins to take, and it shows a little percentage above the vitamins to let me know when I'm at 100% and can detach them. The above video is just showing me taking my vitamins. 

Another task, is drinking water. 

As you can see in my short video above, I was given a glass of water. When I have completed that task, you will notice the red X next to vitamins and water have now changed to Green check marks indicating that I have completed those tasks. 

Something worth noting, you can turn off active roleplay at any time. If you plan to step away from your computer for a time or you plan to go to an event or whatever the case may be, there may be times when you just can't complete your tasks. It is best to turn this feature off during those times so that you do not miss out on your tasks and risk getting sick because of it. 

From what I can tell so far, this hud is very immersive. It has a lot of built in features for you to be interactive during your pregnancy. I look forward to continuing with this pregnancy and going through all of the features to share with you all as we take a deeper look into the Hands On Mommy pregnancy system. 

I will be back with more on this amazing Hud system as we go through and experience a Hands on Mommy pregnancy.