LoveMomma Body Review pt1

LoveMomma is the new body made by the creator of Zooby. This is a very immersive body that is fun and easy to use. I am going to be making several blog posts over the next couple of weeks with this body as it transforms from a normal body to a full on pregnancy body and delivery of the baby. 

So this is the first post which is showing the natural body in an non-pregnant state. The first photo you see is with the included bikini that comes with the body and the 2nd photo is with an outfit I'm playing around with. The shape I am using is my own shape that I created for the Genus Strong head and the LoveMomma body which I will put out in the next day or so. Usually with my photos I like to add some effects, make them fancy but with this I'm giving you the raw photos to get a good look at the body. The only thing I did was put the two pictures together and sharpen the image slightly. 

Starting off, when I first put on this body, I had white legs and I couldn't figure out what it was from. I thought maybe I was wearing something that had white tights or something and it was driving me crazy! But then I found on the HUD, there is a spot for tights and I turned it off and my legs were bare. Its all part of the learning process, but figured I'd mention it in case anyone else spends ten minutes trying to figure out why your legs are white when the answer is on the HUD! Watch my short video below to see how easy it is to switch them on/off.

When I say this is a very immersive body, I mean it. There are a lot of fun options you can use. First of all, you can wear this body and use it for everyday normal use, not just for pregnancy. If you are a roleplayer, you will love this body for all that it can do for you. First off it has a mood booster meter so you can determine the mood your avatar is in. As you can see from the image below, my meter is full. When your meters are full, you get a fertility boost. When you click on the meter it opens up to show you where your levels are for each category, Hunger, Thirst, Love, Rest. You can click on each of the words and it will tell you exactly what percentage you are at for that particular item.

The really fun one is the Love one. When you click on Love Quest it will ask you who you want to interact with. You have to be standing near that avatar of course. Doesn't matter who it is, if they are male/female/furry or whatever it will work as long as you are close to them. Then you get a menu with several options you can ask of your partner. The hug and kiss one has actual animations to go along with them. The more sexual ones you will have to use your own beds, couches, equipment or simply stand there and do nothing. 

If you are trying to get pregnant after you choose Would you like to make a baby? Or any of the other sex options you will get this message:

LOVEMOMMA Hud 1.0: Stay close to Twistted Hand without interruption and nature will take its course in about 2 minutes.

LOVEMOMMA Hud 1.0: Nature has taken its course. If you are pregnant it will take 3 days to show. If you wish to know sooner you can use a pregnancy test.

If you don't want to wait 3 days to see if you are pregnant, there is a 'store' built right into the hud. You click on the store and it gives you options of things to purchase, one of them is a pregnancy test. You can pay $100L to get the test and find out right away if you are pregnant or not. Unfortunately I did not get pregnant yet which brings me to the fertility meter. The fertility meter works on a 4 day cycle. The higher your fertility, the better chances of you getting pregnant. If you don't want to get pregnant, it has a birth control option as well! 

Pregnancy Store built into the HUD
Fertility Meter

Since we are not yet pregnant, I'm going to get back to the actual body. I will do future posts with updates as my avatar becomes pregnant and goes through the process. I just wanted to point out some of the fun roleplay features you can have with this body! 

The body itself is bento and BOM. When you get the package it does include some body skins from 7 Deadly Skins, or you can use most any BOM skin that works with the head you are using. It does not include alphas on the hud in your traditional sense. The hud has an alpha mode top/bottom/belly. When you wear an outfit, you wear the alphas included with the outfit and then use the hud to turn these on depending on if its top/bottom or both. It has different modes, one is off, one is alpha and one is mask which helps when using things like hair that tends to fight with your alphas. The belly alpha is primarily for when you are pregnant. The body comes with the belly alpha to wear and when you turn it on with the hud it allows you to see your fetus growing inside of you. 

The Hud also includes 6 nail options and no nail with numerous polish colors. It has 4 nipple options. It has 4 foot stages from flat to high heel and it also includes bento hand poses if you want to use them. Here is another short video showing off the body.

Here is something to note if you are considering purchasing this body for the pregnancy. To be pregnant, you have to have an egg to be able to have a baby. The egg is sold separately which you can purchase from your store hud. Right now, the body is in its launch so the body is $4000L and the egg is $2000L making it a total of $6000. After two weeks from the launch date, that price is going to go up to $5000 for the body and $3800 for the egg. The egg is what gives you an actual baby at the end of the pregnancy. You get a newborn animesh Zooby baby. For each pregnancy you will need a new egg. 

I highly recommend checking out the videos created by the creator of LoveMomma to get familiar with how it all works. I have barely brushed the surface of everything this body is capable of. You can find her series of videos HERE.  

I can tell you that I have been playing with this body and hud since I got it. There is a lot of fun features especially for roleplayers who want the pregnancy experience. You will not find another pregnancy experience like this anywhere else in SL. Even if you don't want to be pregnant it still has fun features for you and your partner to show love to one another. 

As for the body itself, the body has a nice build. I wanted to be a little curvier and it allowed me to get the features I wanted using the SL sliders with nice smooth curves. When you purchase the body it does give you a few body shapes you can start with, slender, Medium and Thick. Overall I do like the body and even though it sounds like a lot, the hud is actually very simple to use and understand. 

I will make future posts regarding this body as I play with it some more and experience more of its features. 


From the creators of ZOOBY

Genus Head - Strange Face W001

Appliers Genus Head 'Summer' Mixedtype

Peach Hairstyle basic & deluxe

LM213 Outfit - Pants & Jacket/shirt
12 jacket options / 19 shirt options / 12 pants options


  1. I just got this body, because I have a Zooby baby and wanted to take advantage of the promo for the body and egg. It will be awhile before I experience pregnancy, since I’m not much into role play. Thanks for this introduction. Looking forward to more posts about this innovation.


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