LoveMomma Post #6 - delivery


It's Birth Day!

What a day for my pregnancy to end, today was my 16th Rezz Day and today I am going to be delivering my new baby from the LoveMomma body!

The first thing, when you are ready to deliver, you will notice the baby icon at the top of your hud is white. I was too excited that I forgot to snap a photo of the icon indicating it was ready. But, you can see the baby icon below, this is what you will click on to start your birthing experience. 

After you click on the icon you will get the menu as shown in the first picture above. It has options to get your birthing mat and break your water. 

The first thing I did was break Water. I made a short video below that shows what happens after your water breaks. (Yes I am wearing my pants still lol)

After my water was broke, I got the birthing mat and placed it on my bed.....

The mat has its own built in menu which allows you to start the birthing process. It also has a hide option so you can hide the mat and use your own bedding, which I have done and you will see in the videos below. When you first get on the mat, you get a menu that allows you to adjust your avatar for the birth. There is a little 'saddle' that you want to line up with your vagina so the baby comes out right as seen in the video below...

Next, you can choose to start the birthing process. If you lost the menu, just click on your birthing mat again and it will bring the menu back up for you. The next videos are of the birthing of the baby. 

As you can see in the first video, she is in labor and going through her contractions. Then the baby starts to crown. I couldn't get it all into one video so its broke up into two parts. In the second video it starts at the crowning and goes through the birth of the baby. After the baby pops out, you will get the newborn picker hud. This hud is where you will choose which newborn you want.

You may notice that one of the menu options was to re-run the delivery. You can do this as many times as you want until you hit finalize. Once you hit finalize it's done and over with. The re-run feature is good if you are having multiple babies and want to play out having more than one. It's also good if your partner logged on two minutes too late and wants to see it happen you can re-run it and let them experience it with you. 

After you have picked out which newborn you want, you will get the Animesh Newborn & Hud

Now you can attach your hud and get your newborn baby!