LoveMomma Review Pt 2


Please see my FIRST post with this body as well: LoveMomma Post 1

I finally got pregnant with the new LoveMomma body! This actually happened the other day and I am on day 2 of my pregnancy. You have the option of choosing a 9 day, 9 week or 9 month pregnancy. I chose 9 days to fast track this so as you can see in my photo I already have a little baby bump started. 

So first, after making a baby with my husband you get a message saying if you are pregnant it will take two days before you know or you can find out immediately by taking a pregnancy test which you can purchase in the store built on the hud. In my little video below you can see me using the test.

This is the message I received after taking the test. Whoohoo! We're pregnant! 

Here is where you will choose what length of pregnancy you want, after you choose you will get a message below stating that you are having a baby!

As I stated earlier, I chose the 9 day pregnancy, when I made this choice I got this message.

You can keep track of your pregnancy when you click on the baby icon at the top of your hud

And once you are pregnant you can set you and your partner's genetics, skin/hair/eye color which helps determine the outcome of your baby.

So far it has been a pretty fun experience playing with this body and learning all of its features. Now I want to point out a couple of things that I have learned by trial and error and some helpful tips and tricks I have discovered that might help you in the future as well. 

First, the food and water. When you buy the food and water from the store and attach them to use them, DON'T detach them immediately after you see it tell you that you got a boost. You arn't done yet! I learned this the hard way and many $10L later! If you continue to wear them and let it go through its full cycle until it says you are done you will get more than one boost out of its use. Wow! This would have saved me tons of Lindens buying all this food and drink! I only figured it out by accident because I left my computer for a bit while eating and drinking and when I returned and saw the messages I was like WHAT??? I've been detaching them right after the first boost showed up and buying more when I could have let it go through its complete cycle and bought a LOT less! 

Here I am with my food and drink. The food and drinks you get from the store are random, you never know what you are going to get! Here I got a chocolate chip cookie and a Red Power boost drink. And I'm standing in my lovely kitchen by dust bunny & con called Rosemary Kitchen.

As you can see from this image, one thing of food and drink has given me multiple boosts! It took 3 minutes to complete the cycle before I got the finished message. Hopefully if you are reading this, this will save you some lindens by not detaching the food and drink after it gives you the first boost message! We live and learn right?

Something else I learned. I was standing around, my AO was on and I was naked as I was deciding on what clothes to wear. That was when I noticed my body seemed to be deforming. My vagina was like up inside my leg or doing something weird and I was like what the hell is going on? So naturally I turned off my AO and went to the hud to look around. There is a button on the hud that is called Bone reset. Well this sounds right, so I used it, and sure enough my avatar was fixed and no more weird body deformations! So if you find your body doing weird things, just flip that little button and you will be good as new! Something else worth mentioning about this button, I have recently discovered if you are pregnant and have a belly showing and you turn this on and lock it your belly will shrink to its natural size. Might be useful if you are going to an event or something and don't want the world to know you are going to be a momma... although I find that takes the fun out of it. Show off the belly!! Its what its there for! 

I think that about wraps it up for my second part of my LoveMomma body. I will be back in a day or two to update with any future tips and tricks I learn along the way. 

Don't forget.... The body is on a special launch price of $4000L with $2000L to purchase the egg (so you can have a baby). It is only on sale for the first two weeks and then the price goes up! 


Zora Head 2.5

117-Shape 4 leL 4 Zora

Sandra Rose Pale skin

Haven Hair