Mr & Mrs Spy

 Spy vs Spy

Im having a bit of fun with this new pose set from Midnyte Creations called Mr & Mrs Spy. The pose set comes with 8 bento couples poses set in an easy to use pose stand that uses AV sitter for easy adjusting. The props rezz with each pose. This set will be an exclusive item at the Sinners & Saints Event that starts on Feb 6 and runs until the 28th. 

At the 2Much event you can find this lovely dress by Worldwide called Aisha Dress. The dress comes with a HUD that allows for 17 color options for both the top and lower part of the dress. And its available in sizes for Kupra and Kups! (other sizes too).

Unfortunately I can't give information on the guy in the photo because he wouldn't cooperate to give me all his information. 


Until Feb 16th
Aisha Dress


Lilly Head 2.5

Ubert Hairstyle

Madline (for LeL Evo)

Mr. & Mrs Spy Pose set

Kama Lip Gloss Set (reds)
Paris Smokey Eye - Eyeshadow