Another Look at Hands-On-Mommy


It's been awhile since I have done another post on the Hands on Mommy, so I figured it was time to give some updates on this pregnancy system. My original post can be found HERE

The Hands on Mommy is a pregnancy HUD (not a body) but it works with your body. It gives you the option to allow your pregnancy to grow as you progress through the months of your pregnancy. You can choose the length of time you want your pregnancy to last. I chose 9 real time weeks for a 9 month pregnancy. Currently I am in my 2nd trimester at 14 weeks pregnant. As you can see from my body in the photo above, I have a little bit of a baby bump and I didn't have to do anything to make it happen! My belly grows with my pregnancy using the body I want to wear so I can use all the clothing I have for that body. 

I think the best way to actually show how this system works is to do a video so I am not going to go into great details on this post. I am going to make a video blog showing off this system later this weekend and will post it here on my blog when the video is complete. 

March 15 - April 5th
Bouquet Fatpack
6 color options
bouquet to hold and one to rezz

DD-011221 - Dress & Jacket
Hud: 18 dress / 15 Jacket
Maitreya/petite, Legacy/perky, Slink HG/petite, Kupra, Belleza
0314 - LeL Avalon Shape

@Skin Fair until March 29th
LeL EvoX Avalon 3.0 head

Mesh Body - Lara V5.3
Mesh Body - Lara Add-on Petite V1.0

Skins for LeL EvoX - Aria - Mixedtype

Silent hairstyle (basic & deluxe)

Hands on Mommy (Pregnancy system)