Inithium Event April 2021


I got curious about the word 'Inithium' and decided to look it up to see if the word had an actual meaning. In my search, no such word came up. Google wanted to change the word to Lithium. In our world of Second Life however, Inithium does have a meaning, it is the store brand that brought us the Kupra body, a female body with all the lovely curves in all the right places. And now, there is an event for this body called the INITHIUM Event that kicked off its grand opening on April 18th and will run until May 10th. The event caters to Kupra body users with lots of designers creating items specifically for the Kupra and Kupra Kups bodies. It's a great place to shop for a large variety of clothing, accessories, skins, shapes, and even poses all catered to this wonderful body. 

My outfit is by Gulabi called Trisha Shrug and Trisha pants which can both be found at the Inithium event. The shrug fatpack includes 78 colors, 58 colors for the inner top, 9 zipper options and 16 gem options. You can wear the inner shirt as a crop top, tucked in (as pictured), or even hide it to have no inner top at all. The pants fatpack includes 54 colors, 15 belt colors, 9 buckle/button options and the option to turn the belt on/off. Both of these items are made for Inithium Kupra/Kups, Maitreya Lara/petite, Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, Slink P/HG, eBody Curvy, Dev fitness Nana 1.6, Sking Katena Regular / Amasonia 2.0, Legacy/Perky.

Another great find at the Inithium event is my skin/shape by ND/MD called Senta. The Senta shape is for LeLutka Avalon and Kupra body which includes shape, brow shape and style card. The Senta skin is a BOM skin available in 5 skin tones which include matching ear tones and 3 brow options for LeLutka, and of course the body skins ND/MD Sunny BOM body skin available for Kupra bodies in matching skin tones to the head skins. 

April 18th - May 10th
Trisha Shurg
Trisha Pants
Senta shape
Senta Bom head skin
Sunny Bom body skin
Kupra HD BOM V.001/2 Body

April 7th - 28th
Xtra Stiletto Nails - Gold Like
Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza, Slink, Signature, Tonic, Kupra
Mix and match, 9 options via hud

Taliana Set (Texture change)
Earrings, Necklace, Choker (not pictured)

Dead Bae - Eyeshadow
Karma Lip Gloss Set Reds

Avalon Head 3.0

Lydia Hair

Diva Cigarette Holder

Wine Poses Female