Inithium Event Coming April 18th


A new event is coming to our little world in Second Life called The INITHIUM EVENT. This event specializes in the Kupra and Kupra kups bodies where you can find fashion, skin, accessories, shapes poses and more all for your Kupra body! The event starts on April 18th and will run until May 10th. This is a great place for you to discover all new Kupra related products and the designers that create for it! Today I am going to give you a little sneak peak at some of the goodies you can find at this first round of the event!

The event is sponsored by INITHIUM, the creators of the Kupra body. The Kupra body is a body that really allows you to get some nice thick curves. The body is made for BOM (baked on mesh). 

My skin is by GLOOM called Tergrid Skin. I am wearing tone 08 Sand along with the Body Skin 2.0 for Kupra. My eyes are also from Gloom called Galaxy Collection. The skin does include a shape and brow shape, (I am not wearing the included shape, I am using my own), and the skins come with a dark brow, light brow and browless version. The body skin can be found at the main store and includes numerous options for the chest as well as a skinny and chubby version. Come by the INITHIUM Event and check out this new skin!

NO.MATCH has a new hair called NO_SUNRAY which includes sizes for Kupra. This hair comes in a variety of color options available in Black/white, Blonde, Brown, Red, and Unicorn. Each Hud comes with numerous shades in that tone for you to choose from. This hair can also be found at the INITHIUM event! 

My Outfit is by COLD LAUNDRY called Mia Cut-Out/Denim. The outfit includes the top and pants in sizes for Kupra, Freya, Maitreya, and Legacy. The HUD includes 6 texture options for both pants and top. Another great find at the INITHIUM event! 

And finally, you can find this fun pose set by SASSY SWEET POSES called Sassy at the event. The pose set includes 10 poses with mirrors. You can use the pose block which you can hide simply by touching it or use the poses individually. 

I don't have the best photo for showing off the shoes so I will have to do another photo with those at a later time, but I will at least mention them. The shoes are by KC COUTURE called Charm Pumps which are made for Kupra, Belleza, Legacy, LoveMomma, Maitreya and Slink. The HUD includes 50 color options with 4 different areas you can color and also 5 jewelry metal options and logo options. These shoes are also at the INITHIUM event. 

April 18 - May 10th
Tergrid Skin - 08 Sand
Body Skin 2.0 - 08 - Sand
Galaxy Collection (eyes) - Fatpack
NO_SUNRAY Blonde (Hair)
Mia Cut-Out/Denim (Top & Pants)
Charm Pumps
Kupra HD BOM V.001/2 (body)


Lastrea Set

Avalon Head 3.0

1/4 Sim nature Skybox

Gray Fox
White Tail Deer Family