I have previously wrote quite a bit about the new LoveMomma body, but I haven't yet talked about the new LoveBody Aphrodite. The LoveBody is very similar to the LoveMomma body except that it doesn't have the pregnancy features of the LoveMomma body. The Lovebody is for those who do not want or need the ability to get pregnant. The body is completely bom. It does not have alpha slices in the hud like many of the other bodies. With this one, you use the alpha clothing layers that designers include with the clothing if they are needed. You can wear any bom skin and it works great with most mesh heads. 

You can find all the information about the LoveBody on the Marketplace listing found HERE. You can also get the demo on Marketplace and check it out for yourself. It's a lovely body and it allows for some nice curves. 


Lia Hairstyle (basic & deluxe)

Fleur Head 2.5

Sandra Rose Pale *leL Bom* skin

LM326 Outfit
For LoveMomma and LoveBody
Top, Skirt, thong and Bom bra
5 color options for each piece via hud

*shape is my own*