SnP at Unik April 2021


I don't do videos very often... I'm not really all that good with them lol. But since I'm blogging an AO I wanted to capture the actual AO movements for you all to see, so here it is, a video! 

The AO is by S&P called bento set AO #13. This AO can be found at the current round of Unik Event that ends on April 28th. The AO includes 10 stands, 3 walks, 1 sitting, 2 Sitting on ground, crouching, crouch walking, landing, standing up, falling, flying down, flying up, flying, flying slow, hovering, jumping, pre-jumping, running, right and left turn, floating, swimming forward, swimming up, swimming down and a typing animation. 

April 7th - 28th
S'n'P - Bento set AO #13

2.2 Body

Avalon Head 3.0

P14 fatpack (hair)

LeLutka EvoX Skin - Porcelain tone - Sumire

LM Trouble Maker outfit