Bite me


May 9th - 23rd
Roxy Megapack
-shorts, top, fishnet top-
-Hud lots of color options main/laces/metals-

May 7th - 28th
Bite Marks Tattoo
-Bite chest, thigh, ass-
-Appliers omega/belleza fem/male, Maitreya and Bom-

Lara V5.3
add-on petite v.10

#19--- Mesh Ears (gacha)

Zora Head 2.5

Hae Rose Pale Skin for LeL Bom

Lia hairstyle (basic & deluxe)

11521-Shape LeL 4 Zora
2020 Junk Yard

Karma [Blues] - Lip Gloss Set
Dead Bae - Eyeshadow