Frisky feline

I had a lot of fun with this one. I love the Neko feline look anyway, its one of my favorite fantasy type creatures to dress up as. When I decided to do a photo for a feline creature I ended up making a new pose set to go along with it as well as the shape which both will be available in my store later today. 

May 18th - June 10th
Nails for Kupra - ANKE
Hud: Lots of color options
Body Myssy
Hud: 9 texture options
Kupra HD BOM V.001/3

519 Neko Poses - set of 5 bento poses with mirrors
0519 Shape 4 LeL Avalon & Kupra

Avalon Head 3.0

Hazel Milky *LeL bom* Skin

K0425 Hair / Fatpack

Chonky BB's Wearable collar bell white 17

Scruffy Cat ears


#1 Rare Neko'Neko Bento Fluffy Tail + Bow

Nekomimi Overlay - White v0.1
(Using the Bom version, modified to remove head and upper body)

Lourdes Eyes SECRET
@The Epiphany April round