Kalhene Analexa Mesh Body 52121


There are so many bodies to choose from. It can get difficult to figure out which one you want when their are so many options! One thing a lot of people look for is the amount of clothing available for the body, another is the ability to adjust the body to have curves or to be slim, the breast size has become another thing people are looking at. Today I would like to introduce you to the Kalhene Analexa mesh body and head Bom v4.0.

So what makes the Analexa body special? It has it all. You can choose to wear just the body and your favorite head, or you can use the entire avatar which includes a head. The body has 4 breast options including flat chest, petite chest, normal chest and bimbo sized chest. This is all built right into the hud so need to buy extra body attachments to make it work. It also provides 3 different breast shapes and includes HD nipple options.

Another option this body has is the genitals. This isn't your typical body. The vagina option is HD, it comes with several pubic hair options and it also has the option to have a penis in several sizes. The penis has its own options to allow various arousal states. Of course you can hide the penis and just have a vagina if you wish. I think its kind of fun having the option... it intrigues me. 

It has 3 feet shapes, flat, mid and high. The toe nails can be hidden or shown and it comes with lots of nail polish options. The fingers have 5 nail shape options. 

One thing that I find great about this body is the ability to wear clothing from other sizes. My outfit for example is sized for Maitreya petite and it fits perfectly on my body. I am using the petite breast size on the body and I didn't have to make any adjustments. I have found that most Maitreya clothing fit well with this body, at least on the petite and normal breast. I haven't tried it with other breast sizes yet. 

The body hud also includes some random animations for your eyes, face, hands and as stated before, the penis has its own options as well. 

Overall, this is a great body and deserves some recognition. You can try a free demo of the body either in world or get it on Marketplace HERE

Analexa Mesh Body & Head BOM v4.0
Skin Sunkissed - Included with body
Eyes Sky - Included with body

Until May 23rd
Gabi Outfit Fatpack
Freya, Legacy/Perky, Maitreya/Petite
Short and Long dress, can be worn without sleeves
Fatpack Hud: 10 texture options

Ara Hairstyle

Simple Septum

Oblivion Glasses