Special Effect Eyes


These new eyes from GA.EG are so freeking cool! Like really, this is something you have to check out! First you will want to pick up the Ultimate Eyes 3.0 which is free. Then you pick out your eye pack; I am using the Full Moon C eyes pack and finally grab the EF02B special Effects pack; I am using Pack B. You install the eyes and the effect pack into the hud and then control everything from the hud. There are so many options, you can adjust size, position, make your eyes glow and then of course the effects are just so cool. The effects are animated which you can see in my short little video below. 

See how cool those are? There are several different effects you can choose from to use and you can further customize them by adding color to the effects if you want. The effects can be customized by changing the size, adding glow, changing the brightness setting and more all from a simple to use and understand hud. 

Lily 2.2 Bento Mesh Head
Ultimate Eyes 3.0
EY19C - Full Moon C Eyes
EF02B Special Effects Pack B

Syliste SL17B Skin

Miami hairbase+ponytail

Demon hairstyle

Alfar elf ear - Dagger 1.1

Warrior Paint Pack 1