I don't often do videos, but I wanted to give one a try to show off the glittery effects of the Sparkling body which is a free group gift at Kalhene made for the Erika body. So watch HERE and enjoy :) 

*Orignally I had my video on you-tube, but you-tube has determained it was sexually inappropriate and removed my content.... WHAT? She has all her privates covered! I have seen content far more explicate than this! Anyway, I removed the video link to You-tube from this page but you can still view it on my Flickr. Click the link above.*
I fought You-Tube and won! Here is the You-tube video

ERIKA Mesh Body BOM v1.4
(wearing underwear/bra included with the body)
ERIKA Sparkling Body (Group Gift)

Fleur Head 3.1

Hazel Rose Pale

Chi Hairstyle


(Light effects)