I am here...


For every fear that shakes your peace,

For every night you feel alone, 

For every moment you lose a little hope,

There is an angel who whispers

"I am here"

Aug 9th - 23rd
Iris Ivory Dress
Numerous color options to choose from
Sizes: Kupra/A/Flat, Legacy/perky, Maitreya/petite/flat, Slink/petite, Tonic/mini
Fine Beauty v7.1 body
Fine Beauty Bust Minimizer v7.1

Mia 2.0.2 bento Mesh Head
Head Skins - Mia - ST4 (freckles)
Divine Body Skin (sBreast) - ST4

Yasiren Hair / Black & red

Icon Angel Wings - White
#30 Blueberry - Angelberry - Common - Halo - Silver

Death's Swing