A new me


After blogging for so long, I have come to realize that I don't have a 'look' that I can say is me, my avatar, my go to everyday look. I am constantly changing, shapes, faces, skins, hairs etc to fit the scene and photo for a blog post. I never really had a look that I could just fall back on and say "This is me!"

I decided I was long overdo to have my own look, so today, I decided to create my 'me' that I can call my standard avatar, my look to fall back on between blogging. 

I found this amazing skin at one of my favorite skin shops, DeeTalez. The skin is the Venice skin made for LeLutka EvoX heads. I chose the mixedtype skin tone and then also found the 'cute face' add on by DeeTalez that includes the freckles, button nose and eyebags to further enhance my new 'me' look. I am using the skin on my Avalon head 3.1 by LeLutka. I think this is one of my favorite heads by LeL... though its really hard to say because I have them all and love them all in their own unique way. But for my new 'Me' look Avalon is the one I decided to go with. 

Now my hair will probably change a million times just because I'm a bit of a hair addict and love to try new looks and styles, but for now, for today, I have chosen the Embers (reds) hair by Stealthic. It's curly and long just like my real life hair! I also chose to be a redhead because... well because I'm a redhead in real life as well and my husband loves it. 

So this is it... this is the new 'me', a new standard 'look' I can fall back on between blogging. I'm happy with it. 

Avalon Head 3.1

Venice - Mixedtype for LeL EvoX
AddOn - Cute Face for LeL EvoX

Embers (Reds)