Auld Lang Syne

 I visited this sim the other day, Auld Lang Syne out of pure boredom. I was just standing around doing absolutely nothing so I decided to go on a little adventure. I opened up my search and went to destination guide and took a random teleport which just so happened to be Auld Lang Syne sim. 

I don't usually blog about a destination but this one is worth mentioning. One thing I loved about this sim was all the little quirky random things that made it unique and fun like the flock of sheep crossing over the bridge. It just seemed so random and yet perfect. 

Today I decided to go back to this sim to do some more exploring, to find more of those random little things that make this place unique and exciting, and I wasn't disappointed. 

Did you ever read the story of Ferdinand as a child? It was one of my favorite childhood stories about a young bull who would rather enjoy the flowers than fight like the other bulls. When I saw this with the butterfly it reminded me so much of Ferdinand, how could I not capture this image? It takes me back to my younger days when life was as simple as sitting on the ground watching a butterfly, smelling the flowers and not caring what other people thought of me... just like Ferdinand. 

And finally, the extra guest for the picnic or tea party. The sim is full of these wonderful creatures poking their noses in the most unexpected places. It's what makes it so fun. I highly recommend visiting this sim, if nothing else to explore and find those little things that make you smile.