The beginning of Autumn


I love autumn, it is my favorite time of the year. The leaves start to change colors and begin to fall off the trees, hues of orange, yellows, browns and greens mixed together creating a beautiful scenery. The temperatures start to lower giving relief from the hot summer months. I can put on my favorite hoodies and sweaters and sit outside with a hot cup of coffee just taking it all in. It really is magical. 

This autumn photobox by Midnyte Creations helps create a magical autumn scene. The photobox includes 16 female poses, beautiful scenery with falling leaves, little critters gathering their nuts for the winter months ahead and just puts me in that magical place that I love about autumn. 

[GA.EG] Sakura #BoMGen Bento Head
-included lipsticks - Matte red
-included Eyeliners - Smokey
-included eyes brown
-included Sakura shape
[GA.EG] Full Skins - Sakura - Fatpack - BOM
-wearing Sakura - ST3 - Brows - Bom skin

Fine Beauty v7.1
Fine Beauty bust Minimizer v7.1

Adah hairstyle - pro pack
style hud includes 4 styles
tons of hair color options

Peony Corolla (flowers on head)

Jane Top + Necklace v1.2
Jane Jeans v1.3

Autumn photobox w/poses