A look at Reborn


A sneak peak at a couple of amazing new things coming soon! 

For starters, Ebody has created a new mesh/bom body called Reborn. This new body is shapely allowing you those lovely curves and one thing I love about it, I can have the curves and smaller breast! Of course, if you like larger breasts you can make these plenty big as well. My personal preference is to have them smaller. 

The body also comes with the lingerie pictured, bra, panties, and garter with color changing hud. The lingerie is from Glitzz and is included with the Reborn body! 

Some of the features of the new Reborn body included: 
  • 5 different nipple sizes that you can easily switch via the hud. 
  • Fully Bom body, alpha hider included with the hud
  • 8 different neck sizes to fit virtually any head
  • Materials enabled - adjust the gloss, intensity and environment (Light reflections)
  • Pallet color that allows you to change your skin tone
  • Pose page with 21 hand poses you can use randomly or individually 
  • 5 different foot poses with an ankle lock option
  • 5 different nail lengths for fingers - also with materials! 26 nail textures
This amazing new Reborn body will be released on October 10th at the Equal10 Event on October 10th! Be sure to try out a demo and play around with it! Rather you like to be slender, or extra curvy this body will do it for you! 

Next up is the Alika Hairstyle by FAGA. This is a fun multi-braided hairstyle. The Pro hud allows you 4 style options and tons of color options! This fun new hair will be released at the October round of Collabor88 which starts on October 8th and runs until November 6th. 

Equal10 - Oct 10 - Nov 5th

-Alika Hairstyle - [Pro pack]
Collabor88 - Oct 8th - Nov 6th

-Andressa Skin for LeL Evo (Summer)
-IPANEMA Body Neckfix

-Briannon Head 3.1
(make-up included in hud)

-Rose Wall prop
-The Rose Poses