Check out the new pose set from Midnyte Creations called Country Fence Pose set. This set can be found at the current round of POSEVENT that started on the 27th and runs until Nov. 19th. The pose set consists of 8 couples poses, 5 solo male and 5 solo female poses. The solo poses can be used at the same time allowing you to create even more couple poses. The set includes the fence loaded with the poses, an additional fence part you can use to expand your scene, the horse for the background if you want to use it and a nice autumn ground cover you can use. The poses are easy to use and adjust via menu that uses the AV Sitter system. 

Rick 2.2 Bento Mesh Head
Head Skins - Rick - NST4 - Mature 
Handsome Body Skin - NST4 - Hairy - Skin
Rick Shape - SHARP
*Rick Bento Facial AO Pack - RI04 Default Lip
*SE_Smile Little RI1

@Posevent until Nov 19th
Country Fence Pose Set
*Autumn Photobox @ Main store

NG Outfit - Cole
-Shirt, Jeans, Boots, Belt, Hat, Bracelet, Sunglasses

Gianni - Mesh Body - v5.0