Cutest lil devil


Better quality video HERE

Oct. 9th - 23rd
ERO LEWD - Fullpack
•Sizes: Maitreya/petite/flat, eBody Reborn, Kupra/Kups A/B/Flat, Legacy/Perky/Petite, 
Rebirth Normal/Petite/Flat
•Fatpack HUD: 34 Color options: Latex plain / Erokawaii, Fabric plain / Erokawaii
Fine Beauty v7.1
Fine Beauty Bust Minimizer v7.1


October 15 - Nov 1st
Animated Skull Orb
(See my video above to see effects!)
•Wearable skull
•Animated hand, arm and skull
•Animated jaw
•Animated laugh and sound
•Particles effect - smoke or fire
•16 textures and materials

Gaia Head 3.1 @Equal10

Juliet - Porcelain (skin for LeL EvoX)

LeL EvoX Freckles - Luna

EVOX Smoky Makeup 01

Pink Lipstick LeL EvoX group gift

Mika Glass horns

Olivia color & style Hud pack v2