Hello Fall


Autumn is my favorite season of the year. I absolutely love the colors of fall as the leaves begin to change and start littering the ground with colors of orange, yellows and browns. The temperature has cooled down after a blistering hot summer, the hoodies come out, the hot drinks are more welcomed. 

Today I visited a place I have been to before, Le Monde Perdu. The sim is beautifully done with all the shades of fall, falling leaves and really just gives you that sense that you are in the late autumn time of year. I enjoy visiting here, walking around, exploring and taking photos. 

Top No.3
Maitreya/petite, Legacy/Perky, Kups, Slink HG
14 color options

Avalon Head 3.1

Skins - basicpack LeL EvoX - Jade - Mixedtype

Tamar lipstick
Subtle eyeshadows

Body Imperfections (combined)

Evie - High waist Jeans - Dark Pack

Ivy (reds)

Lara v5.3
add-on petite v.10

Full Length Portrait Pose Set