The Itty Bitty Titty Committee event opens up today, Nov 13th and runs until the 30th. Here are a couple of the items you can find at the event this round!

Nov 13 - 30th
Anti Social Hoodie
eBody Reborn, Kupra/Kups/Flat, Legacy/Perky/Petite, Maitreya/Petite/Flat, Rebirth/Petite/Flat, Tonic/Curvy/Fine/Mini, Classic
Fatpack HUD: 34 'Ew People' Text option, 34 floral, 34 Gingham, 34 Houndstooth, 34 Plain 
FLO Bom Skins LeLEVoX
10 skin tone options - wearing Lama
3 eyebrow colors & no brow options
Freckles and face moles
body tattoo for Maitreya petite & Flat chest

Fine Beauty v7.1 (body)
Fine Beauty Bust Minimizer v7.1


Halle Head 3.1

Chill Hairstyle

Hand Poses 2