Ice Skating


My first thought when I saw this outfit by ADD called Jessica Set was, I want to go Ice Skating! Since I can't really ice skate in the real world I did it in Second Life! The sweater has 3 fluffiness settings. You can have it soft to extra fluffy! I currently have mine set at the soft setting. The skirt is super cute with the hanging pompoms and all of it is fully customizable via a hud that has 20 textures and 10 pattern options if you get the full set. This cute outfit can be found at the current Cosmopolitan round that runs until Nov 28th. 

@Cosmopolitan Event Until Nov 28th
Jessica Set
Sweater and skirt
Maitreya/petite, Legacy/perky, Kupra/Kups, Freya, Slink HG, eBody Reborn
3 settings of fluffiness for sweater
20 textures, 10 patterns, easy to customize!

Reborn v1.65 (body)

Nora Hair Bright style Collection
Nora Beanie Extension

Inez Head 3.1

Inez Skin (LeL EvoX) - Chantilly

Lipgloss (LeL EvoX)

MI960265 - Fashion Ice Skates

*Tights, Pose and shape are my own*

Another photo showing the outfit in a different color/pattern